Vertigo Brewing Changes and Policies for Phase-One and Phase-Two Reopening

First off, we would like to thank all our loyal (and new) customers for the amazing support over the last few months during this time of uncertainty during COVID-19. We value your support and are working diligently to fully support the new rules and guidelines during phase-1 and 2 reopenings so that we can continue to keep everyone healthy, pour you a pint, and get back to some sort of normalcy.

We have made some changes in our taproom to meet social distancing and face-covering requirements that have been put in place which will also provide a safer environment for both our customers and employees. Please support our new policies and most of all be kind and respectful to each other during this new normal”.


Lets get to the changes:


We ask that you wear a face-covering while at Vertigo and are not seated at a table (restroom run, ordering, etc.) If you do not have a face covering, we can provide a mask to you. We also ask that one person gets in line and order for the table when possible. This will help provide social distancing when ordering.

There are hand sanitizer stations at various locations throughout the taproom, please use them often. We will also continue to periodically check and sanitize the restrooms and sanitize door handles, knobs. We want everyone to feel safe while visiting.

You will find a coaster at each table letting you know if the table needs to be sanitized or has already been sanitized and is good to go. Please let a staff member know if you need your table sanitized and they will be happy to help get you seated.

Unfortunately, we cannot have bar seating at this time and we also ask that you do not congregate at the bar for obvious reasons.

We recognize not everyone feels the need to wear a mask but please remember that our employees provide service to a lot of people each day and are exposed to much higher risk by doing so. Our staff will all be wearing masks to protect your health, please give them the same courtesy.

Thank you for being part of Vertigo, we genuinely appreciate you all!